The network showed the successor to the hatchback Renault 5

The network showed the successor to the hatchback Renault 5

November 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Renault 5 is an iconic European hatchback that is still remembered today. And today, renderings of the successor to this model, which were developed by independent designer Marco Maltese, have appeared on the Internet.

Although the Model 5 itself is quite simple, the artist managed to transform it into a stylish car, which was called the Renault Le 5. This car is still recognizable, while becoming futuristic.

The front of the imaginary car is decorated with air intakes with gold accents and an unusual design LED headlights, which transform into vertical daytime running lights and are positioned above the light strip through the Renault logo. Directly below the badge is a muted radiator grille, indicating an electric powertrain.

Along with this, the Le 5 is equipped with a short bonnet, stylish fenders and aerodynamic side skirts, as well as a contrasting roof, cameras instead of side mirrors and aerodynamic wheels of the original design. The C-pillar also looks great and includes a subtle tri-color accent reminiscent of the French flag.

As for the rear of the car, it is worth noting the presence of large glass, framed by unusual headlights and a minimalist bumper with golden accents. It should be said that overall, the Renault Le 5 looks good and could well compete with the MINI Cooper SE.