The network showed the Speedster Toyota Supra open top

The network showed the Speedster Toyota Supra open top

December 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Toyota Supra of the new generation so far is presented only in the back of a sports coupe. However, many fans are hoping for a convertible or other open-top version. And now independent designers are trying to come up with the image of the future news.

In all likelihood, the Speedster Toyota Supra will never appear on the market. But it’s foolish to deny that the open-top two-door image presented looks great. Judging by the photos, the designer decided to radically change the top of the car. The windshield will get a larger angle and a shorter height. Over the seats there will be pronounced rises.

 In addition, the photograph does not show any hatch for storing a folding roof. Perhaps the author did not at all assume that the sports “speedster” would get hard or soft. In addition, there is a small spoiler on the bonnet, a new aerodynamic body kit with a new front bumper, door sills and a new rear bumper.

 According to Supra chief engineer Tetsuya Tada, the company has not yet considered the possibility of releasing a full version in the back of a convertible. This is contrary to the market (the soplatform BMW Z4 will be a huge competitor), and probably hinders the initial arrangements. However, in the future, a limited or serial Targa version with a removable roof may appear.

Details have not yet been announced, but the development of new versions may drag on for several years.

Meanwhile, a cheap Toyota Tundra analogue was on sale. The Chinese company ZX Auto has launched the largest pickup truck in its lineup called the ZX Terralord.