The network showed the sedan Jeep Grand Cherokee L

The network showed the sedan Jeep Grand Cherokee L

February 1, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Independent designers decided to fantasize about what the Jeep Grand Cherokee L would look like if it were made in a sedan body.

Jeep recently unveiled the new 2022 Grand Cherokee L SUV, and while people are free to voice their opinion on its design, one digital artist decided to steer it in a completely different direction.

TheSketchMonkey is no stranger to outlandish car mods, and his new project is no different. However, instead of restyling the new SUV, he made the Grand Cherokee L a sedan. Obviously one of the biggest problems with this redesign was proportion.

When a car is as tall as a Grand Cherokee L, the proportions of the body must match the height. As a result, the designer had to change the proportions to make the car look harmonious. The goal of the sedan rework was to create something American in nature to match the Jeep image.

As such, TheSketchMonkey opted for a large, majestic design with little to no sporty accents, unlike many sedans sold today. He wanted to create something like the Chrysler 300, because while this car has slightly sportier options, the design remains very traditional and restrained.

In fact, the finished product bears a similarity to the Chrysler 300, albeit with a different face. However, Jeep only makes SUVs and pickups, so a sedan is definitely out of the question.