The network showed the luxury SUV Aznom Palladium

The network showed the luxury SUV Aznom Palladium

July 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Aznom Automotive and Camal Studio have published online images and a video of the novelty, which will become the most unusual luxury car in the last few years.

The new model is called Aznom Palladium and is described as “unconventional all-terrain luxury.” About 6 meters long Palladium is a cross between a luxury sedan and an SUV, and also has a three-volume body and increased ground clearance.

As noted, when developing new products used methods from the past. As for the Palladium design, in front it resembles Rolls-Royce cars thanks to similar headlights and a radiator grill. Speaking of the news feed, here you can see the lights in the whole width of the car, a massive diffuser and two exhaust pipes.

According to Aznom, Palladium will acquire a twin-turbo engine (most likely V8) with a capacity of 671 hp. The company also said that the drive for the new car will be 2WD + 4WD, while they did not disclose details.

It should be noted that work on the project began two years ago, now it is at the final stage. The debut of Aznom Palladium should be held in September this year.

In addition, recently Rolls-Royce demonstrated Wraith 2020 in a unique modification of Kryptos. A total of 50 units of the new model will be built.