The network showed the image of the new generation coupe Corvette

The network showed the image of the new generation coupe Corvette

February 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

New static images allow you to compare the profiles of the current generation of the model with a completely new one. So far, there is no exact data on when the novelty can be presented.

To say that absolutely everyone has some excitement about the upcoming presentation of the new generation of the American mid-engined Corvette is essentially nothing to say. So far, there is no official news from Chevrolet on this topic, but unofficial news continues to come. We have already seen a video leaked a few days ago, which allegedly shows the animation of the news entertainment system.

Our friends from also engaged in the visualization of cars and the creation of animated files based on spy photos and other information collected about the new C8. This is exactly the way the video was created, which compares the current generation of the sports coupe with the new one.

Here you can clearly see that the Corvette C8 with a medium engine size is larger than the current C7.

The current C7 still has a slightly higher and longer slope to the roof — the size comparisons given here are accurate. You can also see how the Chevrolet designers included some of the C7 body lines in the body of the new model.

At the foreign forum there were even recent rumors about when the “Corvette” with a medium engine could finally appear. For at least a couple of months, our ears have heard that the big C8 will appear at the New York Auto Show in April. We also heard that General Motors can completely ignore this car dealership and instead make a presentation at a separate event.