The network showed renders of futuristic Porsche

The network showed renders of futuristic Porsche

May 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Porsche designers are often ridiculed for having the lightest work in the world, as the 911 designs itself over and over, and the rest of the lineup is basically the main model of the brand.

Probably the biggest problem for any Porsche designer will be the removal of the brand from the influence of 911 – provided that everything is in order with the management. However, outside Porsche there are many designers who are ready to try, and Pavel Breschke is one of them.

An independent car designer kindly shared with us his impressive project called the Cyber ​​677 Porsche, which provides a futuristic look at the 911 sports car. He wanted to create something new, not just another copy of the 911, and Cyber ​​came up with the idea.

“This idea forced me to break some of the essential features of this brand, but I wanted to maintain a common silhouette that is very recognizable throughout the world,” explains Breschke.

Although he retained a specific 911 shape, everything else has changed, including the iconic shape of the headlights, which now look similar to those seen on the new Genesis GV80 and G80.

Another striking detail is the lack of a rear window or, more precisely, its reduction to a size that makes it unusable. Nevertheless, the Cyber ​​677 Porsche is equipped with rear-view cameras instead of mirrors, so we assume that they provide sufficient rear visibility.

“The goal was to create a slightly raw style that could relate to the cyber world, but at the same time preserve some soft surfaces to make the silhouette harmonious,” the designer adds.

As for the interior, it looks even more futuristic than the look, while retaining some of the typical Porsche design tips, such as a thin center console.