The network showed Land Rover to study Mars

The network showed Land Rover to study Mars

August 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

NASA and private companies such as SpaceX Elon Mask are attracted to the study of Mars. And the idea of ​​transport navigation on the surface of this planet sometimes pops up. This will be fresh renderings that appeared in foreign media. So what would a Land Rover car built specifically for exploring the Red Planet look like?

The British company specializes in producing some of the best SUVs on Earth, so it is only natural that the experience and technology of this automaker could help in the study of our neighbor in the Solar System. has published Land Rover Mars research vehicle renders by designer Alexei Andreev. This is a modular all-electric car designed for four astronauts. The modular architecture of the Land Rover Mission Terraform points to its multitasking.

So, it can be equipped with a module with medicines, a unit with communication equipment or a cargo platform. The applications of this modular rover may vary. For example, such a Land Rover can be equipped with a seed meter for growing crops. But the wheels, if desired, can be replaced by engines that provide vertical take-off and landing.

You can control such a space electric car with the help of artificial intelligence, conveniently located on folding seats. The appearance of such a futuristic electric car in reality, of course, is unlikely. However, in the next century, all this may cease to be science fiction.