The network showed images of the electric hypercar Jaguar

The network showed images of the electric hypercar Jaguar

April 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Such a car is able to surprise with its appearance even the most sophisticated automakers.

The British Jaguar could create its own electric supercar back in 2010, when the concept car with the name X-75 was introduced. Then the prototype was a real breakthrough – a 1.6-liter engine was offered as a power plant, which worked in tandem with four electric motors. Unfortunately, the promising project did not go into series. After 10 years, an independent designer decided to show what a Jaguar ID-Type hypercar would look like now.

It is difficult to say something new about electric motor technologies, but a car can surprise you with its design and aerodynamics. It was on this that the emphasis was placed. The car got a unique appearance – we select the front part of the car, where there are barely noticeable headlights and a radiator grill. Particular attention should be paid to the windshield, which turned out tall and narrow.

The side part of the car is made so that it seems suspended in the air – this effect is created due to the large rims, as well as due to the minimum space between the tires and wheel arches.

We especially note the driver’s position in the cabin – due to the low landing, he can see the front wheels, which will help cornering better on racing tracks. It is hardly necessary to expect the appearance of such a car, but it would be interesting to look at it as a concept.