The network showed a yacht that can ride on the road

The network showed a yacht that can ride on the road

October 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

There is such a yacht, which, if desired, can be dispersed to 80 km / h, more expensive than a luxury crossover Lamborghini Urus.

Motor Boat & Yachting has demonstrated the capabilities of the new Iguana X100 amphibious vehicle, which not only travels on water at a pretty decent speed, but also knows how to ride on the road. Video from the demonstration test drive of an unusual yacht can be found on YouTube. Such a yacht receives tracks, with the help of which it can travel out of the water to a different surface. According to the assurances of the developers, the Iguana X100 can easily cope with slopes of up to 29 degrees, and the maximum angle of inclination that it can overcome reaches 45 degrees.

Two engines with a total return of about 300 hp are responsible for the performance of the yacht. They allow the Iguana X100 to reach speeds of up to 80 km / h. And one tank is enough to cover a distance of 240 kilometers.

 Those wishing to purchase an all-terrain yacht will have to fork out: the base price tag on the Iguana X100 starts at 220 thousand euros

Meanwhile, Lexus showed its first luxury yacht, the Lexus LY 650. The cost of this vessel, which has a unique design and excellent cruising characteristics, is still a secret.