The network showed a video of detailed body repair Tesla Model 3

The network showed a video of detailed body repair Tesla Model 3

June 13, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The American body repair station Autocraft Bodywerks has presented a detailed video of how the Tesla Model 3 body restores after a small accident. The video shows the replacement of the rear wing and partial painting of the electric car.

Since the launch of Tesla Model 3, the company is working on expanding the list of services of the service center, as well as a mobile assistance center. For most of the repairs carried out, it is enough to have an available “delivery” assistance service. In fact, now Tesla claims that 80% of repair work can be done in the field.

It’s great and everything, of course, is very convenient. But suppose that your car was in a major accident and needs a significant body repair. Well, the service of mobile service does not imply the possibility of carrying out such works. When such a need arises, Tesla has a network of approved workshops throughout the country that can restore the car to a new state.

Master of Body Repair Erik “Stuey” Garcia, is repairing and rebuilding the almost new Tesla Model 3, in order to restore the appearance of the car to the factory state. We will show you the whole process from beginning to end.

So, the network has a video showing the restoration of Midnight Silver Metallic Model 3. The video is played in the accelerated mode, so that it does not stretch. But even with an accelerated video, you can really appreciate the amount of work required for a quality body repair of an electric car. If you are interested in the whole process, then the video will definitely be to your liking.

Judging by the video, carrying out high-quality body repair is not a trivial task, which requires a lot of knowledge, skills and of course experience. In addition, it is interesting that service people are caring carefully for the car, and all areas that can get dirty or dusty, are carefully concealed. And polishing the car is at the highest level.

Meanwhile, the founder and CEO of Tesla in his recent Twitter reported that in the future the second generation of the electric sports car will receive a special version of the Roadster. So, in the market there will be an additional version of ultra-fast electric car SpaceX.