The network showed a unique Koenigsegg Regera and Agera RS

The network showed a unique Koenigsegg Regera and Agera RS

October 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

These are some of the most expensive hypercars.

In 2016, Koenigsegg unveiled its first production Agera RS. Called the Agera RS Naraya, one of the examples was created for a European car enthusiast who ordered a highly customizable supercar, including a Blue Carbon trim with 18K gold accents both outside and inside the car.

This year, one of 80 Regera units was delivered to a YouTuber named Zach Lewis – a one-of-a-kind Koenigsegg Regera, supposedly inspired by the Agera RS Naraya. It took Lewis three years to wait for the custom Regera, which also features a blue carbon finish and 24-karat gold details.

Now a video has appeared on the Web where two unique cars meet together. Valued at roughly $ 10 million, this alliance is considered one of the most expensive and most exotic we’ve ever seen, with an output of nearly 3,000 horsepower.

As you can see from the video, the Regera has a slightly lighter shade than the Agera RS Naraya and is also coated with a special varnish that gives it an extra shine. Inside, both Koenigseggs are very similar. The blue hue continues in Alcantara, and there is also carbon fiber and gold trim.