The network showed a supercompact mobile home with an unusual appearance

The network showed a supercompact mobile home with an unusual appearance

February 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This original camper is a cross between a scooter and a pickup truck. Its functionality will be enough for traveling over short distances.

When the conversation comes to motor homes, memory predicts to us that these should be dimensional trailers that are as good as ordinary apartments in their equipment. Recently, however, travelers’ love for huge cars has somewhat diminished: many of them are increasingly looking at compact campers. One of the brightest representatives of this young family of motorhomes is the Elektro Frosch Camper Scooter from Germany. This is a universal electric camper designed for two people.

 Outwardly – it is something between a three-wheeled scooter and a pickup truck. Such a camper weighs only 240 kilograms, and a camping kit is included in the list of equipment available for him.

 So, the miniature house on wheels gets a tent for two, a canopy and a fully equipped kitchen set – from dishes and cutlery to the stove. There was even a place for a dining table.

  The only thing that limits the traveler is the power of the camper and his range. For long trips such a car is not suitable. A 4.3 kWh gel battery provides a very modest engine power of 3.4 hp. The maximum speed is 40 km / h, and the range is about 60 kilometers. To replenish the supply of energy, the camper will have to be charged for six to eight hours. You can buy Elektro Frosch in one of two versions at a price of 3,990 and 4,990 euros.