The network showed a cinematic video of unboxing Bugatti Divo

The network showed a cinematic video of unboxing Bugatti Divo

November 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A video appeared on the Web, when watching it it seems that we have before us another story of a secret agent. But the editors of AutoTimesNews figured out that we have a typical video with unboxing a Bugatti Divo hypercar worth $ 5.4 million.

This particular Bugatti Divo has arrived at Miller Motor Cars in Greenwich, Connecticut, where Northeast America’s most luxurious cars are marketed.

The Bugatti Divo featured in this particular video is a unique example of a carbon fiber model with a matte blue finish, which is why such an impressive video was shot.

Recall that the Bugatti Divo hypercar is a “charged” version of the Chiron model. It weighs 35 kilograms less, and its aerodynamic body kit generates 90 kilograms more downforce. The hypercar is driven by a 1500-horsepower engine, which accelerates the car to 100 km / h in 2.4 seconds.

“Divo ushers in a new era of Bugatti – the era of modern coachbuilding,” said President Stefan Winkelmann, calling the car “a masterpiece of automotive excellence with a distinct personality”.

The rear end features a unique 3D taillight design with 44 luminous dots that create a whimsical taillight graphic. They are a stunning addition to the slim LED headlights at the front. A NACA air vent on the roof helps supply air to the 8.0-liter Divo W16 engine, which produces 1,500 hp. power. A rib emerging from the air intake helps guide air through a wide fender that sits above the protruding diffuser and 3D printed exhaust tips.