The network sells flying DeLorean

The network sells flying DeLorean

November 16, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Only for 45 thousand dollars, that is, a unique, flying DeLorean is put up for sale.

This DeLorean is not exactly a car. This is a hovercraft that allows it to navigate both on the ground and on the water surface.

The machine was created by hand and is on excellent run. As they say, he sat down and went. The car body is made of durable and lightweight polystyrene, but it looks quite like the original.

The flying DeLorean is equipped with a 23 hp Briggs&Stratton Vanguard engine. and a 36-inch fan, as well as the Briggs&Stratton 875 Professional two-stroke engine, which uses a 24-inch fan to force air into the cushion under the car. As a result, the car can drive on anything: water, land, ice, snow, sand or asphalt. The maximum speed of the DeLorean is about 50 km / h.

The hovercraft is currently in San Francisco. The seller promises that he will allow the buyer to ride a DeLorean before the transaction and teach him how to manage it. After the transaction, the new owner has the right to count on free consultations by phone on any technical issues that may arise during the operation and repair of this unique car.