The network remembered the genuine Shelby 427 Cobra sports car of 1965

The network remembered the genuine Shelby 427 Cobra sports car of 1965

October 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

At one time, the model made a real revolution: it is not just a sports car, but a real “supercar” for those years.

In total, Carroll Shelby produced 23 copies of the 427 Cobra Competition. The car in question is included in this small batch. The sports car with chassis number CSX 3010 is painted black.

This car fell into the hands of popular American TV presenter Jay Leno, who is known for his passion for rare cars. His “garage”, by the way, is well known to motorists from all over the world – an extensive collection contains many interesting items.

Leno tested the Cobra, later admitting that the car impressed him. And this despite the fact that it is not so easy to earn praise from Leno – this is a very sophisticated expert in automotive affairs. During the existence of the sports car, many of its replicas were created, many of which fans of the cult car did not accept. Dealing with an original car is much more enjoyable.

Recall that the sports car is driven by the famous Ford FE V8 engine of seven liters with a return of about 480 hp in the Competition specification. This is a real “monster” by the standards of those years. The compact two-seater weighs 1,043 kilograms.

At one time, the car was very successful in races, but in 1970 his motorsport career ended due to an accident. In order to reanimate the sports car, the body had to be completely restored. Today, such a car costs about $ 2.5 million.

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