The network has spy photos of the new Audi Q7/SQ7

The network has spy photos of the new Audi Q7/SQ7

October 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Audi is preparing to present an updated version of the crossover Q7 and SQ7 on the market, and photo spies have already managed to find a car on public roads.

Audi has already brought the updated versions of the Q7 and SQ7 to road tests, and the photospies have already managed to capture it on the lenses of their cameras. Apparently, the update will not be global, and despite the camouflaged details, some elements of the update can be considered.

Apparently, the car will get a revised hexagon grille with smoother corners, made in the style of the new Audi A8 sedan. In addition, the front part received a slightly modified front fenders, new optics, as well as the front bumper.

The rear part, where the new bumper appeared, the narrower rear optics did not go unchanged, but thanks to the camouflage film, details cannot be considered. Camouflage also hints at the fact that the design of thresholds will change.

In general, the model will remain the same, but some details will make it more sporty and aggressive. There are no details now, but given the emergence of new sensors, we can assume that the model is equipped with more advanced driver assistants.

Also note that the second generation Audi R8 will be withdrawn by concern Volkswagen Group. The recall will affect 1916 copies.