The network has a render of the shocking sports concept Mercedes-Benz

The network has a render of the shocking sports concept Mercedes-Benz

June 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The artists presented their vision of what the future sports car of the German brand with an electric motor and solar panels might look like. The car, which was called the Mercedes-Benz Redsun.

It is already foolish to deny the fact that we are now at a time when the entire automotive industry is slowly starting to abandon classic internal combustion engines in favor of electric or hybrid (ICE + electric motor with battery) analogs. Even supercars and hypercars that were previously equipped exclusively with gasoline ICEs have electrified power units. Battery technology is constantly being improved, but the question arises: what will happen next?

The foreign artist Wayne Jung tried to answer him – he presented a render of the future sports car with solar batteries.

According to Mr. Jung, the car, which was called Mercedes-Benz Redsun, is a new sports car from a premium German automaker, which is equipped with an electric motor and will receive the necessary energy from the sun. It should be noted that the car has a rather interesting appearance.

In the exterior of the virtual novelty, you can notice some design elements that were used to create the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar. In addition, the artist used his own achievements – a huge luminous three-pointed star in the front of the concept should be noted separately. The brand logo of the brand is used as the basis for the composition of the render.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that the debut images of the Mercedes-Benz GLC were circulated on the Internet. Recently on the Internet published pictures of the test concept of the cross-country Mercedes-Benz GLC in a new body.