The network got spy photos of Jaguar XF 2021

The network got spy photos of Jaguar XF 2021

January 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Camouflage makes it difficult to see the new product in detail, however, under the disguise of the Jaguar XF hides a lot of interesting things.

Jaguar XF will receive a major update, as well as its closest competitor Mercedes E-Class. Fresh spy photos of the luxury sedan are published by portal The test car hides a protective film from prying eyes. The disguise, although extensive, but not total. So, on the images that got into the Network, it is possible to make out new headlights. In addition, the restyled Jaguar XF, apparently, will receive a redesigned front bumper, as well as new taillights with more current graphics. The upgrade could affect the rear bumper, however, these changes are likely to be cosmetic in nature.

But the interior of the sedan, according to rumors, will be updated more noticeably. With the new interior, the brand will be able to compete with its German competitors in terms of quality, luxury and new technologies. It is also expected that the Jaguar XF will have a separate screen for controlling the “climate” in the cabin, as was done on I-Pace and XE, and a stylish virtual dashboard with a large screen.

No specifics on the motor range of new items from Jaguar yet. According to experts, the brand will preserve diesel engines, making them cleaner – the only way they can pass on toughened environmental standards in Europe, which will begin to operate in the 2021st.

 Among the possible engines for the Jaguar XF 2021 is the recently developed 3-liter in-line Jaguar Land Rover gasoline engine, which for the XF can be supplemented with an electric supercharger and a turbocharger. Recall that the facelift of the XF sedan is not the only novelty planned by the automaker this year. So, at the end of 2020, the new generation of the flagship XJ will be presented with a purely electric transmission.