The network got pictures of the musical crossover Haval H4 after restyling

The network got pictures of the musical crossover Haval H4 after restyling

October 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Local media called this cross “musical” because of the light keys under the multimedia display, which resemble the keys of a piano.

Haval showed images of the updated Haval H4 crossover, which, with the light hand of local journalists, is nicknamed “musical.” This model appeared two years ago, located between the overall H6 and more compact H2. At the same time, visually distinguishing crossovers H4 and H6 was very problematic: the proportions, lines and shapes they turned out to be almost identical. Because of this external resemblance, this couple was even called “nesting dolls.” Fans of the brand took the novelty without much enthusiasm: they failed to become a popular crossover. For example, this year dealers of the brand sold less than 20 of these machines.

To remedy the situation, the automaker released a version of the H4 Pro, and then slightly retouched the standard Haval H4.

 Those same keys, due to which the cross was nicknamed “musical”, have been preserved. They are still located under the multimedia display, reminiscent of the appearance of the piano keys.

The Haval H4 also reserved the right for contrasting finishes and chrome décor. The exterior of the new product now features a redesigned rear bumper with two exhaust pipes and new 18-inch wheels.

 In technical terms, the changes are more dramatic: the Baidu Carlife system has appeared, with which you can remotely open and close the door, as well as start the engine from a smartphone. In addition, the Haval H4 gets an improved dynamic stabilization system. 1.5 TGDI of lower power – 150 hp – sets in motion the cross. against previous 169 hp But the transmission is the same – the robotized 7DCT. On sale, the updated Haval H4 should appear later this month, but the manufacturer is still keeping price lists a secret. Prerestyling crossover in the home market costs from 79 – 108 900 yuan