The network got curious images of the Volkswagen Golf 8 Cabrio

The network got curious images of the Volkswagen Golf 8 Cabrio

November 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At one time, the Volkswagen leadership experimentally came to the conclusion that the production of convertibles is not a good idea. So the conveyor left Eos and Golf 6 Cabrio. Then, the German automaker unexpectedly developed the T-Roc without a roof.

Those automakers who hold convertibles in their model lines are ready to face a number of difficulties: low sales, dubious profitability, low popularity among buyers. However, cars without a top continue their conveyor life. So, for example, the German Volkswagen brand unexpectedly for everyone created a convertible based on the compact Volkswagen T-Roc crossover. Perhaps the T-Roc Cabrio was created specifically for auto-ladies who love crossovers and want to stand out in the traffic stream.

The same Tesla, trying to personalize its electric cars as much as possible, is actively experimenting with the same form. With the T-Roc cabriolet, such a scheme will not work: it is a separate chassis and each new motor will have to be thoroughly tested, which is quite expensive.

 The guys from X-Tomi Design, in turn, tried to visualize the Golf 8 Cabrio. Such a model would turn out to be much more interesting than anything previously proposed, thanks to the moderately hybrid and plug-in power units. A 300-horsepower electric vehicle in the Targa body with a partially removable roof would have looked even more expressive.

Meanwhile, the convertible Bentley Continental GT got a roof in retro style. This is a signature tweed roof, the color and texture of which was borrowed from the Bentley catalog of the last century.