The network got a render of the cult BMW M3 sedan 2021

The network got a render of the cult BMW M3 sedan 2021

January 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The visualization from the foreign portal shows us a more friendly and elegant car, without unnecessary aggression and “hyperbolic” body elements in the form of a huge radiator grill.

The current 3rd series debuted at the end of 2018. So the release of the new generation of the cult sports sedan will have to wait. In the meantime, the automobile portal presented to the readers’ court the exclusive render of the BMW M3 2021. Designers left a new sedan of bases of a massive radiator grille, which in recent years the German automaker particularly favors. The authors of the render, remembering that the 4th series and the M4 will receive very controversial large “nostrils”, still hope that the brand will keep its sedan a little more familiar.

This is hinted at by the current 3-series, as well as the company’s recent statement that each model will have a distinctive style. And the latest evidence in favor of a more elegant grille – spy photos M3. None of these images showed that a giant radiator grille is hidden behind camouflage.

A neat grille trimmed in black, slightly modified optics and a slightly aggressive front panel are great for the new sedan, foreign car journalists are sure.

 When creating the render, the actual spy photos of the future news taken in recent months were taken into account. A real car is unlikely to be a copy of the rendered image, however its authors are sure that they guessed a lot.