The network got a photo of the rear-wheel drive Lamborghini Huracán Evo

The network got a photo of the rear-wheel drive Lamborghini Huracán Evo

January 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This photo, which appeared on the Internet a couple of minutes ago, is reported to be official and “came” directly from the Italian company itself.

More recently, the Chinese automotive portal has published what it claims to be the official image of the new Lamborghini Huracán Evo with a single axis drive. The image was allegedly obtained from Lamborghini itself through its Unica app, which is exclusive to Lambo owners. Allegedly, viewing this picture was conceived as a special preview for people who already have Lamborghini in the garage.

We cannot confirm whether this photograph is real or not.

There is at least some additional evidence that this is true. Back in September last year, journalists caught testing a prototype of the Huracán Evo supercar, which received several strange body elements, in particular, another engine cover and a front panel that looked like it was being held on tape. This is of particular interest here because this yellow Lambo has a different front panel compared to the current Huracán Evo. This panel as a whole looks “cleaner”, with fewer holes. Could this test car be a single-axle model?

   The spy shots give us a pretty clear view of the front tires, and they seem a little thinner than we usually do. If the engineers of the Italian brand tested the rear-wheel drive version of their supercar, it is logical to assume that the front wheels can be put on a smaller tire in width.

 That is, with the new product, all 630 horsepower will be sent only to the rear wheels … I must say that this is even a little scary. The presence of a drive on only one axis can guarantee an overall reduction in the weight of the supercar. The standard all-wheel drive Huracán Evo weighs only 1,422 kilograms, so it’s possible that this figure could drop to 1,361 kilograms.