The navigator drove the legendary Nurburgring blindfolded

The navigator drove the legendary Nurburgring blindfolded

August 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The racer Misha Sharudin the last five years has literally lived on the track and managed to fully study it

Racer and instructor drove the entire Northern loop of the Nurburgring, one of the longest and most dangerous tracks in the world, as a blindfolded navigator. Over the entire trip, he never made a mistake with maneuvers.

An experienced racer and instructor has been working at the Nurburgring for the last five years and, according to him, runs the track about 1000 times a year. And he proved that he really knew the “North Loop” by heart, having passed it in the role of a navigator with his eyes closed.

Of course, even blindly driving an experienced rider is a huge risk, especially on the Nordschleife. Therefore, Sharudin teamed up with another pilot – he took control of the car, and Sharudin acted as a navigator, sounding every maneuver with amazing accuracy.

The video published on the channel of Sharudin himself lasts 12 minutes, of which the race itself takes about nine minutes. And for the entire time the route passed, the navigator never made a mistake, clearly telling the pilot when to slow down, which edge to keep closer to and how to correctly perform the next maneuver.