The most successful Tesla set off to tear fuel crossovers

The most successful Tesla set off to tear fuel crossovers

March 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla began shipping its Model Y electric crossover. This happened well ahead of schedule.

Initially, when the car debuted in March 2019, the California automaker announced that the supply of the new electric SUV would begin in the fall of 2020. But in the end, the company managed to implement its plan six months earlier. On the occasion of this event, Tesla even released a video, which, in fact, announces the release of Tesla Model Y on the market.

The company in absentia consider the new product their most successful model. It will become one of Tesla’s best-selling cars through a combination of practicality and affordable price.

Judge for yourself: for a compact electric crossover, the manufacturer asks for a minimum of $ 39,000 – this is the basic version with a power reserve of 370 km. However, it will appear a little later (at the beginning of 2021, and maybe even earlier), and right now deliveries began with more advanced and, accordingly, expensive versions: Model Y Long Range for $ 52,990 (cruising range – 509 km, acceleration to “hundreds” – 4.8 seconds, top speed – 217 km / h) and the Performance option (cruising range – 507 km, acceleration to “hundreds” – 3.5 seconds, top speed – 233 km / h), which starts with a price tag 60 990 dollars. The Performance Upgrade package is also available for the car, increasing the maximum speed to 250 km / h.

Tesla Model Y is visually very similar to the Model 3 sedan, which is not surprising – the crossover is built on the basis of the latter. It is easy to distinguish them only if you put it side by side: Model Y is expected to be higher than the Model 3, in addition, it has a different graphics for the back.