The most powerful Italian car presented in Geneva

The most powerful Italian car presented in Geneva

March 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Pininfarina, the Italian bodybuilding studio, presented a new electric hypercar at the Geneva Motor Show. The car will go on sale under the name Battista in honor of the founder of the company Giovanni Battista Farina. The novelty was equipped with four electric engines, which together give out about 1900 horsepower. The company has already said that Pininfarina has become the most powerful Italian car that can drive on public roads.

Hypercar can accelerate from the spot to the first “hundred” in less than two seconds, and its maximum speed is 400 km per hour. The stock of batteries is enough to travel without recharging up to 450 kilometers.

The design of the novelty was performed in the style of the most significant cars developed by Pininfarina, including the Cisitalia 202 of 1947, the Ferrari 512S 1970 and the concept car Sintesi of 2008. Inside, the novelties will install two analog controllers, a digital dashboard, as well as two large displays on the sides, which will display the navigator data, information about the operation of the vehicle systems and other relevant information.

You can order a new product through a special website. A limited edition car will be available for purchase. For example, for Europe, only 50 copies of a hypercar were identified. Sales Pininfarina Battista will start in 2020. The cost of hypercar will be from 2 to 2.5 million dollars.