The most powerful electric car charging in Europe opened

The most powerful electric car charging in Europe opened

October 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Four terminals owned by Repsol, a Spanish oil and gas company.

The Spanish oil and gas company Repsol has commissioned the most powerful charging station in Europe. It is located on the A-8 highway in the province of Bizkaia and gives out 400 kilowatts – this is more than supports any of the current mass-produced electric vehicles.

The new charging station was the second open on the Iberian Peninsula over the past year, and both are owned by Ibil, which is jointly owned by Repsol and the state-owned electricity agency Basque Energy Board. Other project participants are local companies only: electrical equipment supplier Ingeteam and transformer substation manufacturer Ormazabal.

Four 400-kilowatt terminals are installed at the largest Repsol service station on the A-8 highway in the municipality of Abanto i Siervana in the province of Biscay. It is possible to fill batteries compatible with such power of electric cars in 5–10 minutes (estimated charging time of a battery with a capacity of 40 kilowatt hours from 0 to 80 percent), which is comparable to the time of refueling with conventional fuel. To date, the most powerful terminals – 350 kilowatts – belonged to the Iontiy network, which is developed by BMW, Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen.

However, it failed to charge any serial electric car from such a terminal at full power. Even the Porsche Taycan so far does not accept the maximum 350, which will be available from 2021, but only 270 kilowatts; Tesla Model S Performance and even less – 200 kilowatts. In the future, higher values ​​will be obeyed: BMW and Porsche have already built a prototype station for 450 kilowatts, but so far it only works in demo mode.