The most powerful class of new DTM races will be electric cars

The most powerful class of new DTM races will be electric cars

November 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

New category will join the championship in 2023

The organizers of the DTM racing championship announced that it will be divided into five categories for different types of sports cars. This is the DTM itself, the youth DTM Trophy, the competition of cyber racers DTM Esports and DTM Classic, in which athletes will have to race in classic touring cars and even old Formula 1 cars.

Finally, the fifth category will be DTM Electric, which will join the championship in 2023. Cars created in partnership with Schaeffler will participate in it. She should be known to Russian electric vehicle owners as a manufacturer of charging equipment, and racing fans know her as the title sponsor of the Audi Formula E team.

At the presentation in Hockenheim, the organizers presented a prototype of an electric racing car. It is equipped with four electric motors with a total capacity of 1000 horsepower. This makes the DTM Electric the most powerful series in the entire championship. For comparison, the main class will now feature GT3 cars, where the power of gasoline engines slightly exceeds 500 hp.

Electric car races are expected to last 30 minutes. The capacity of the traction batteries is not named, but the organizers do not exclude the possibility of a pit stop with the replacement of battery blocks with charged ones.

The new regulation should be a salvation for the DTM. By the 2020 season, only two automakers remained in the championship: Audi and BMW. However, this year it became known that Audi is leaving the championship in order to focus on racing on electric cars. After that, it became obvious that the championship urgently needed to change the format of the races in order to attract new participants.

According to preliminary information, from 2021 the DTM will again have a Russian stage, which will be held on the Igora Drive track near St. Petersburg.