The most popular cars in Spain became known

The most popular cars in Spain became known

December 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Last month, the Spanish car market grew by 2.3%, and the local automaker became the most popular brand.

Experts from an analytical agency shared data on sales of new cars in Spain. Last month, 93,158 cars were sold in the territory of this country, which is 2.3% better than in November 2018. Following the results of eleven months of this year, the Spanish market for new cars is in the red – sales volume amounted to 1,152,419 copies (-5.7%). In November, the best-selling brand was the local SEAT, whose cars sold a circulation of 8,564 units, which corresponds to last year’s sales level.

The second most popular was the German Volkswagen with a score of 6,898. (+ 0.5%). Peugeot with a score of 6,869 units receives the bronze rating.

 The French brand showed the worst dynamics among the leaders – “minus” 10.4%. The fourth position in the ranking is occupied by Japanese Toyota (6,588 units, + 19.2%). The TOP-5 is closed by the Korean KIA, whose cars in Spain sold 5,803 units. KIA showed the best dynamics among the leaders – “plus” 26%.