The most expensive Toyota Supra costs 2 million dollars. But you can’t buy it

The most expensive Toyota Supra costs 2 million dollars. But you can’t buy it

July 30, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Construction of the prototype GR Supra Racing Concept cost Toyota in two million dollars. To date – this is one of the most expensive modifications of the sports car. In this case, the concept exists in a single copy and is not intended for sale. This is reported with the reference to the PR-manager of the brand reported edition of Motoring.

Coupe GR Supra Racing Concept debuted in the spring at the Geneva Motor Show. A special feature of the car was the body and aerodynamic elements, almost entirely made of composite materials.

In July, simultaneously with the pre-series prototype of the road model, the presentation of Supra for the NASCAR racing series took place. From next year, such cars will perform in the Xfinity Series, and the public debut of the NASCAR version of the sports car will be held on February 16 in Dayton.

Road Toyota Supra, which will share the platform with the new generation BMW Z4, will receive a three-liter six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 340 horsepower (500 Nm) and a robotic gearbox with two clutches. It is assumed that the 100 km/h such a machine can accelerate in 4.5 seconds. The base motor for the sports car will be a two-liter four, the output of which will be 265 horsepower.

In January, the auction house BH Auction put up for sale a unique Toyota Supra with a 1000-horsepower five-liter V12 engine from the Toyota Century sedan with two HKS turbochargers and a specially designed intake manifold. Approximate price of the sports car was 107 thousand dollars