The most expensive Ferrari 250 GTO equated to works of art

The most expensive Ferrari 250 GTO equated to works of art

June 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new status, which gave the expensive sports car, means that the model can not be copied

The court of the Italian city of Bologna decided to rank the Ferrari 250 GTO as a work of art, writes the British newspaper Daily Mail. Now this sports car, which previously went under the hammer for a record 48.4 million dollars, is protected by copyright and intellectual property law. Simply put, this famous model can no longer be copied. The court took up this case after the Ferrari company filed a lawsuit against one of the companies intending to release replicas of the Ferrari 250 GTO .

 The court saw in the design of the 250 GTO undoubted artistic merit, which, by the way, were supported by various kinds of awards and official testimonies. They also remembered about a special aesthetics with exclusive forms that turn the 250 GTO into a car icon.

 As a result, the car was first recognized as a work of art. The uniqueness of this car is also in the fact that only 36 such sports cars were produced in due time. It is known that all of them have survived to the present day. At the very beginning of its history, this car was estimated at 18 thousand dollars, but over half a century this figure has grown by several zeros – today we are talking about tens of millions.