The most affordable cross “premium” line of GM and SAIC received a new turbo engine

The most affordable cross “premium” line of GM and SAIC received a new turbo engine

July 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The network revealed the design of the new crossover brand Baojun, which is a joint project of concerns General Motors and SAIC. In the brand lineup, the SUV will occupy a niche between the Baojun 510 and RS-5 models.

Baojun has just launched a large RC-6 sedan and a RM-5 cross-van into the series. It turned out that another new product is being prepared for the premiere – a small SUV whose photos appeared in the bases of the Ministry of Industry of China. Judging by the nameplate on the luggage door, the cross will go on sale under the name RS-3. And on the grille there is a logo designed for the so-called “top level” Baojun models: this series, in addition to RS-3, includes the aforementioned RC-6 and RM-5, as well as the first-born of the premium line RS-5 crossover. From other models of the brand such machines are rich equipment.

The RS-3 SUV received the family two-tier head optics, and its taillights were designed in the style of the RM-5. For new items provided two-tone body color. It is not yet known on which platform the crossover is built. In general, all models of Baojun with the letter R in the title are based on the brand’s new platform (it is so designated – R). However, the size of the wheelbase of the RS-3 (2550 mm) is the same as that of the Baojun 510 SUV. It is possible that the fresh cross is based on the 510. In length (4300 mm), the RS-3 squeezed between Baojun 510 (4220 mm) and RS-5 (4570 mm, the distance between the axes – 2700 mm).

According to the documents published by the Chinese certification authority, the new cross will be offered with two petrol engines: an 1.5 engine and a 1.2 turbo engine with 105 and 131 hp respectively. The first one is laid on Baojun 510, and the RS-5 is equipped with a turbocharged 1.5 with a power of 147 hp Engine 1.2T other models of the brand yet. About the boxes information is not provided. Most likely, the cross will receive a variator. The RS-3 drive, like the other Baojun crossovers, is only front.

The new SUV will enter the Chinese market at the end of this – the beginning of next year. Obviously, Baojun RS-3 will be more expensive than Baojun 510 (from 55,800 yuan), but cheaper than RS-5 (from 96,800 yuan).

Outside the Celestial Empire, the Baojun brand is not yet represented, which, however, does not interfere with selling its models in other countries. For example, the Baojun 530 crossover in South America and Southeast Asia is positioned as the new generation Chevrolet Captiva, and in India and Indonesia it is the MG Hector and Wuling Almaz, respectively. In addition, the Crossvan Baojun RM-5 will also be reincarnated into Chevrolet in the future. It is possible that the RS-3 will be produced under other brands.