The modern version of the Porsche 904 racing coupe presented

The modern version of the Porsche 904 racing coupe presented

August 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The artist imagined what a modern version of the Porsche 904 racing car could be. The author called the resulting car a “children’s supercar”.

Alan Dérosier had an idea – to use his excellent design skills and create a modern successor to the iconic Porsche 904 race car (aka Porsche Carrera GTS). The designer chose the mid-1960s Carrera GTS as the basis for his project.

The end result is what the artist calls a “children’s supercar.” The machine combines the proportions of the 718 Cayman with some of the original 918 Spyder. The design influences of the 904 Race Coupe are pretty obvious – from the shape of the doors to the air intake behind them. Sleek LED headlights and taillights, inspired by the previously unveiled Mission E electric concept car, allow us to present a modern version of the 904 Race Coupe, creating an amazing fusion of old and new.

The Carrera GTS, as it was officially known, is extremely rare – only 106 cars were made.

In the same vein as in most modern Caymans, under the hood of the original car was a four-cylinder engine mounted between the axles, transferring power to the rear wheels.

As conceived by the artist, the modern version of the 904 will receive a hybrid Porsche engine, with which he equipped the 918 Spyder. More than seven years have passed since the introduction of this supercar, which means that technology has become more affordable. Alain Dérosier imagines his version of the Carrera GTS at 50 percent less than the original 918, which had an initial starting price of $ 845,000

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