The Mercedes-Maybach GLS will receive a new suspension

The Mercedes-Maybach GLS will receive a new suspension

May 17, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

And the luxurious SUV will be driven by “Chauffeur”.

In late autumn this year, within the framework of the Los Angeles Motor Show, the premiere of the luxury version of the flagship crossover is Mercedes-Maybach GLS. According to preliminary information, the assembly of the novelty will be set up in the United States on the company’s capabilities in Alabama, and the start of sales is scheduled for next year.

It is anticipated that the flagship SUV will have a four-wheeled turbocharger V8, a hybrid system and a 2.9-liter supercharged six-liter diesel engine, but the situation with the six-liter V12 is still unclear.

Also it became known that the Maybach GLS will be the first to receive new equipment, which will later appear on other models of the German manufacturer, said Maybach chief engineer J├╝rgen Weissinger in an interview with the British edition Autocar.

It is a magic body control spring-loaded suspension of the next generation, which will include more modern cameras and sensors. This will allow you to get more detailed information on the road surface, which will speed up the adaptation time and improve the quality of the ride.

In addition, the Mercedes-Maybach GLS will have a special ride mode designed for personal drivers, in which the engine will be positioned in such a way as to minimize the number of shifts of the nine-speed automatic machine for maximum smooth and comfortable ride.

Recall, the luxury concept concept SUV Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury was recently introduced. The manufacturer has not yet made a decision on reincarnation of the prototype into a serial model. The responses of the potential target audience are being studied, on the basis of which a decision will be made.