The Mercedes EQB was again seen in test trials.

The Mercedes EQB was again seen in test trials.

October 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The car passed tests in Germany and moved along the road at a very low speed, which allowed us to take many detailed photographs.

Photospies managed to take new photos of the crossover Mercedes EQB, which has passed road tests in Germany. During the tests, the car moved along public roads. The Mercedes EQB is an all-electric version of the GLB-class crossover. This car will be one step below the EQC electric crossover in the Mercedes model line.

It is assumed that the new cross will receive a power unit from the EQA model, in which two electric motors with a total output of 268 hp are installed.

The operation of the motor will be provided by a large battery of 60 kWh, which will provide a range of 500 km. The company’s representative office has already stated that a version with an increased power reserve will be available. Outwardly, there will be no strong differences from serial models with ICE. The front part without the grille is striking, as well as the modified shape of the rear bumper due to the lack of exhaust pipes. Also worth noting is the new original set of rims. At the moment, we can say that the development of the car is almost complete, and he is preparing for his debut, which should be held in Europe.