The media reported a drop in Tesla car sales by a third

April 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the first quarter of 2019, the volume of production and sales of Tesla cars declined markedly. Such statistics do not match the plans outlined by the brand management.

For the first three months of this year, sales of electric cars with the Tesla logo significantly “sunk.” According to the Associated Press, during the reporting period, the brand’s products sold in the amount of 63,000 vehicles, which is 31% lower than last year’s figure. In addition, according to media reports, in the first quarter of 2019, there was also a reduction in the production of electric cars by an American company. This is the difference with the same period of 2018, exceeding the figure of ten percent.

So, according to the calculations, from January to March 77,100 such electric cars were produced. For comparison, last year 9,455 more cars were produced.

 Meanwhile, Tesla is not losing optimism. We will remind, earlier it was reported that the manufacturer of electric vehicles is going to produce annually up to half a million cars. The current state of affairs so far does not fit in with these plans. The AP also clarified that by the end of this year, Tesla intends to attach 360-400 thousand of its electric cars.