The McLaren told how they are working on an electric supercar

The McLaren told how they are working on an electric supercar

December 22, 2017 0 By autotimesnews

In the middle of last year it became known that the British brand McLaren has plans for a fully electric model. Then it was known that it would be a race-oriented supercar, which could move along public roads. Now, new information has appeared about him.

About the development of the project, said in an interview with the British media Autocar head of the engineering department of the brand Dan Parry-Williams. According to him, the British already have a “living” prototype, and now the question is to integrate the potential driver of this electric car into the world of electrical technology.

However, it is not worth waiting for the debut of the novelty. According to Dan Parry-Williams, the company has a long way to go before the electric supercar appeared in the car showrooms.

The most important problem for the implementation of this project, according to Parry-Williams, is the technology that makes the batteries, because there is a significant difference between when you overcome 500 miles on the highway and 500 miles on the race track. In the second case, colossal energy is needed, and at the moment the batteries can not cope with this task. It is necessary to recharge the car several times.

Also, the head of the engineering department of McLaren complained that the batteries for cars are developing with an eye to increasing the power reserve, and not to increase the power of power plants, and now McLaren is experiencing difficulties in this matter.