The McLaren Speedtail with thousands of pieces

The McLaren Speedtail with thousands of pieces

September 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Such a quantity of parts is required for assembling a car on a scale of 1: 8. The development was carried out by a company from the UK Amalgam Collection.

This company produces large-scale models of cars with a high level of detail. As a result, the price of such cars can reach very large marks. Also, the high cost of cars is explained separately in the video.

The model, which was demonstrated in the video, will cost about 15 thousand dollars. With the help of thousands of parts, all vehicle systems were assembled, including the passenger compartment, brake system, wheels and much more.

Such accuracy in creating the model is due to the fact that the company actively cooperates with the McLaren car concern. Engineers of the brand shared with the British drawings of cars and tricks of production.