The luxury counterpart of the Chevrolet Captiva caused a real stir

The luxury counterpart of the Chevrolet Captiva caused a real stir

June 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The MG Hector crossover appeared on the market only last month and immediately interested buyers.

In early May, the Chinese auto giant SAIC and the American concern General Motors presented the MG Hector crossover. The model, released under the British brand MG, was immediately called the luxury equivalent of the Chevrolet Captiva 2020 compact cross. Dealers took less than a month to place over 10,000 prepaid orders for a new SUV. First commodity cars will fall into the hands of buyers at the beginning of next month.

 At first, access to the MG Hector will only Indian motorists. They will be offered a luxury SUV, under the hood of which lies either a 1.5-liter turbo engine with a power of 150 hp or a 170-horsepower diesel engine per two liters.

 6-speed manual or a robotic gearbox act as a transmission. Four-wheel drive is not put in such a crossover, but the list of available options and equipment is quite wide. This, for example, adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance system, cameras of circular video review, multimedia with a huge vertical touchscreen and much more. Add to this leather interior and a panoramic roof. The minimum cost of new items in India starts with a mark of 1 218 000 rupees

We recall earlier we talked about another no less successful new product, which appeared on the Indian car market. This Hyundai Venue, the queue for which stretched for two months.