The loss of the wheels and the rapid flight hit the video

The loss of the wheels and the rapid flight hit the video

December 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

This is a must see: the heavy SUV lost the wheel and control flew off the mountain, miraculously avoiding an accident.

What can happen if a car suddenly comes off the wheel at full speed? A very interesting video appeared on the web, giving an answer to this question.

It happened in Canada: the heavy black SUV Cadillac Escalade suddenly turned up the front left wheel. The record shows how he first jumps, apparently flying over the dividing line of the road, and disappears. But right there, jumping up again, appears and, like a train blown up by bearded partisans, rapidly flies down the slope. Behind the wheel of the car driver sits clearly not timid. On three wheels, with the fourth dangling limply, he deftly travels around the road sign, drifts slightly and, with a clenched teeth during landing, slowly crosses the intersection with an imperturbable look, then proudly removes, disappearing into the rear-view mirror. The unperturbed public, having enjoyed the spectacle, gradually goes about their business, keeping records in the memory of DVRs.

Apparently, the SUV broke the tie rod or lever, after which the heavy car dragged to the left. By luck, there was no one on the way and the dangerous breakdown did not lead to an accident.