The leader of the US auto union called the concern GM “heartless”

The leader of the US auto union called the concern GM “heartless”

January 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The serial production of models of American GM moves from the factory to the factory – the chosen direction is the south of the continent. As a result, the fate of the five factories of the concern in the north, as they say, “hangs in the balance.”

The current vice-president of the United States Automotive Workers Union (UAW) has something to curse the leadership of American General Motors. According to reports from the foreign publication Automotive News, UAW Vice President Terry Dittes is not satisfied with the decision of the Chevrolet company, which is part of the group, to start mass production of the medium-sized Blazer SUV in Mexico. In fact, he allegedly urged people not to buy a new SUV, which is assembled at the company’s plant in Ramos-Arisp, about 241 km south of the border between the United States and Mexico.

Automotive News reports that in a letter to members of the UAW on January 4, Mr. Dittes wrote that he hoped that “not a single member of the UAW, a family member, will ever buy this car unless it is made in the USA by the employees of UAW”.

In addition, he allegedly called GM “heartless” and accused the concern that he only cares about money. He also noted that many components for the Chevrolet Blazer SUV are made in the USA by the employees of the UAW.

 Mr. Dittes also announced the recent decision of American GM to stop production at several factories in the United States. Back in November, the automaker announced a massive reduction in hired labor by 15%. There was no specific mention of the closure of the plants. Apparently, this is simply a redistribution of concern models between these plants.

 All this happened after the GM group reported a good profit in the third quarter of last year – it amounted to 2.5 billion dollars.