The launch date for the production of unmanned Cruise Origin shuttles

The launch date for the production of unmanned Cruise Origin shuttles

January 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

With the launch of the novelty, it will be possible to solve a number of problems, including passenger transportation, traffic jams and the environment.

Our portal has already talked about the presentation of the revolutionary robotic taxi. Then the company spoke about plans to launch a passenger transportation service using the new shuttles, but nothing was said about the timing of the production of Cruise Origin. Now, foreign media managed to find out that Origin will be put into production in 2022. About this, in particular, writes the portal with reference to Automotive News. The launch of the new product will be a serious milestone in the development of the modern automobile industry and, of course, the culture of movement.

Such a car that does not have the usual controls does without a driver. He also boasts an enviable life expectancy of over a million miles, which is equivalent to 1,609,344 kilometers in more familiar units of measurement.

 It is known that the novelty will get on the conveyor of the General Motors factory, located on the border between Detroit and Hamtramke, Michigan. Cruise Origin will make Hummer pickup. In addition, the company will release electric modifications Cadillac Escalade and GMC Sierra. Both of these models are set to go into production in 2023. According to the developers, joint transportation with Cruise Origin will bring good savings to the citizens.