The last limousine Kennedy drove alive to be sold

The last limousine Kennedy drove alive to be sold

September 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Lincoln Continental convertible is slated for sale at Bonhams. This car is unique in that the 35th American President John F. Kennedy was driving it on the day of his death.

The convertible was used by the presidential family during a visit to Fort Worth in November 1963. So, this is the last car from which the 35th American leader emerged alive.

It is noted that although the limousine has changed many owners during this time, it is in excellent condition, which was facilitated by a thorough restoration. But it will not be possible to drive the car every day, since it is sold only as collectible value. Despite this, it is planned to gain up to 500 thousand dollars for Lincoln of white shade.

The Continental, which will go on sale, is a 1961 model and, as reported on Wednesday 23 September by Autoevolution, is currently housed in the Henry Ford Museum in the United States.