The last copy of the Chevy Cruze came off the factory.

The last copy of the Chevy Cruze came off the factory.

June 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In March of this year, the American concern General Motors, which includes Chevrolet, decided to cease production of the Cruze model. A couple of hours ago, the last copy of this car came off the assembly line.

An economical car fell victim to the thriving SUV and crossover segment, which also destroyed models such as the Ford Taurus, which Fusion would soon join (for us Mondeo). It is sad to see that such cars leave the industry, but at least we now know that the last Cruze Blvd is released with honors.

According to the new WKBN publication report, the latest copy of the Cruze model was purchased by John Kufleitner, owner of Fiat-Chrysler dealership.

While the car is currently in its dealership, it will soon join its collection of classic and important cars. “I had many family members, friends and neighbors who worked at the plant in Lordstown,” said Kufleitner.

The car was originally purchased by Mary Pipino, a local customer who spent $ 35,000 on the United Way auction. After the auction, Kufleitner found out that the car was not located at the dealer of the brand, and contacted its current owner to discuss a potential purchase.

Although we are sad to say goodbye to the Cruze, it’s nice to know that the modest sedan will be remembered and will take its rightful place in the history of the automotive industry. Our fingers remain crossed with respect to the factory of Lordstown, which can be acquired by one businessman and then maybe the production of this car will continue. It is known that in this case, most of the copies go to the technology parks of various car-sharing companies.