The largest collection of rare cars Ford auctioned in Netherlands

The largest collection of rare cars Ford auctioned in Netherlands

June 26, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Auction Bonhams presents, apparently, the most unusual and rare lots. Yesterday it was an agent 007 car, today – 220 Ford cars of the beginning and the middle of the XX century. Bidding lasted about 10 hours, and the proceeds amounted to 6,157,353 euros.

These cars belonged to the private collector Pete Den Hartogu (1926-2011), who once founded a private museum in Hillegom (the Netherlands). He inherited his daughter Pete, but when it became difficult to manage affairs because of her age, she decided to sell cars.

Bonhams auction was attended by more than 500 buyers from all over the world, who were serviced by four auctioneers. A total of 300 lots were auctioned, purchased for a total of 6,157,353 euros or 7.2 million dollars. This amount is much higher than the original estimated value of cars.

The most expensive model was the Ford Model B, released in 1905. It was the first car of this brand, in which the engine was located in front of the car. The motor itself is four-cylinder with a return of 24 hp. The series was released from 1904 to 1906 and numbered 500 copies, but up to the present only seven or eight have survived.

It was for this lot that buyers bargained for the longest time and eventually he went to his new owner for 419 750 euros. This amount is seven times the original estimated value of the Ford Model B.