The Japanese promise to increase the battery capacity of electric cars 10 times

The Japanese promise to increase the battery capacity of electric cars 10 times

August 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The main “headache” for the creators of electric cars is the power reserve while maintaining a moderate vehicle weight. Several startups from Japan have already achieved impressive results.

According to Nikkei, 3Dom is a startup that emerged at Tokyo Metropolitan University in 2014. It was created by Professor Kiyoshi Kanamura, who gathered around him a team of engineers from large companies – manufacturers of household appliances, such as Panasonic, and automakers. The startup currently has 70 specialists.

In just 2 years, 3Dom plans to begin commercializing lithium metal batteries, which, with comparable dimensions and weight, will provide twice as much energy as modern lithium-ion power supplies. This will significantly increase the range of electric vehicles.

The Japanese company intends to replace carbon materials with metallic lithium. It allows you to significantly increase the capacity, but is prone to short circuits and fire.

To combat this negative reaction, the company has developed a special separator that suppresses the unevenness of the chemical reaction. The separator has spherical holes several hundred nanometers in diameter, in perfect order. The optimal size and position of the holes ensures a uniform ion flow and a uniform chemical reaction.

The separator is made of polyimide, a heat-resistant plastic that will not burn even at 400 degrees Celsius. Another startup, Azul Energy from Sendai, is focusing on the production of individual battery cells rather than the entire battery. According to its head Hiroshi Yabu, special catalysts for batteries based on oxygen and metals will speed up the discharge process and increase the total capacity, and therefore the power reserve, by 3-10 times.