The Internet leaked photos of updated Acura MDX and TLX

The Internet leaked photos of updated Acura MDX and TLX

July 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to representatives of the Japanese Acura brand, images of the MDX crossover and the TLX sedan, which are found in other models of software, are purely conceptual in nature. But still, these visualizations can very accurately reflect the design of real models.

Data leaks about new models occur almost always and always in different ways – a spy photo will be taken unnoticed, a picture of an official document dedicated to the car will be taken, but this time we are dealing with something else … AcuraZine forum member as the name implies is devoted to cars of the prestigious Japanese brand, has published some very interesting images. They demonstrate an updated version of the mdX mid-sized crossover, which will be offered as a novelty for the 2020 model year. Also in the post are images of what may become the next Acura TLX sedan, a car whose appearance we do not expect before 2020, as well as some interesting images of interior items and possible options for these cars.

Where do these photos come from? This is an interesting question, since this person bought a new Acura RDX and rummaged a bit in the crossover software package.

It is reported that this person found several technical files and uploaded them to the Android developer’s toolbox. The bottom line is that he managed to get these pictures. Whether future innovations are displayed on them is an important question.

Comparing these, like the official snapshots of the new MDX with the “spy” photos of the model’s prototypes, we see that the proportions do indeed coincide. As for the TLX sedan, we have nothing to compare in terms of “spy” shots, but the leakage of photos has a striking resemblance to the TLX PMC Edition, which Acura showed earlier this year at the New York Auto Show. The front end is particularly similar, although the headlights look narrower and the body lines are slightly more muscular.