The interior of the new Volkswagen Polo revealed in live photos

The interior of the new Volkswagen Polo revealed in live photos

May 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Only yesterday, the company’s press service and our website showed the first and only image of the salon of the future news, as live photos from photo spies appeared on the Web.

The eighth generation Volkswagen Polo is actively preparing to enter the market. While the debut date is postponed due to software errors in the system update system for the “air”, the press service continues to tease teasers. The official images, or rather on the sketches, have already revealed the interior and exterior. Now the web has been revealed live and high-quality images of the interior.

Apparently, the minimalist style is gradually moving from Tesla to other cars. The front panel is characterized by the presence of only two displays connected in a single unit. The driver has access to a dashboard with different settings and a central display of multimedia and, in combination, a remote control system of the vehicle.

Under the central display you can see a small block of physical buttons with a classic “emergency gang.” Also located below the blower ventilation system.

Now the company continues to test and refine future eighth generation Volkswagen Polo. The company had problems with software, but its entry into the market is not delayed and will take place in February 2020.