The interior of the new 2021 Mercedes S-Class fully revealed

The interior of the new 2021 Mercedes S-Class fully revealed

August 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Real magic awaits you in the back of the car.

Mercedes has already announced the interior of the new S-Class a couple of times, but still haven’t got the full picture. Today, photos have appeared on the Web, which fully demonstrate the interior of the luxurious novelty before its official premiere, scheduled for September 2.

While the brand has so far focused on a five-screen setup, sophisticated ambient lighting and airbags for the rear passengers, the entire interior has been effectively hidden away. The luxury interior is presented here in the Benz format, as the Maybach version will have even more legroom thanks to its stretched wheelbase.

Mercedes is re-energizing its premium segment with heated rear headrest cushions as well as heated areas above the already heated armrests on the door cards.

Speaking of newly added features that are not visible to the naked eye, Mercedes has added more noise isolation than ever to keep the cabin nice and quiet.

While the S-Class has a more attractive four-seater layout, the new generation will also be offered with a more practical five-seater configuration. Buyers will be able to choose from the “Business Center Console” presented here or the fold-down center armrest.

Aside from the obvious changes to the infotainment system – now a 12.8-inch touchscreen – the new S-Class has 27 fewer hardware keys than the W222, thanks to the use of touch controls.

In addition to sleek new controls and touchscreens, there will be other ways to play with the settings. The Hey Mercedes assistant will support 27 languages ​​and support for hand gestures will be improved to allow the driver to operate the sunroof.

Another party trick is having two head-up displays, with the more advanced display showing augmented reality for the first time in a production car’s HUD.

The standard S-Class wheelbase will be 71mm longer between the axles than its predecessor, resulting in a wheelbase of 3106mm. Go up to the LWB option and it will add 51mm too, for a total of 3216mm. The Maybach derivative will be even longer, and there is a possibility that a lengthened Pullman will follow in the wake of royalties and political leaders.