The iconic Lamborghini Countach with low mileage will go on sale

The iconic Lamborghini Countach with low mileage will go on sale

January 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The supercar performed by the 25th Anniversary with a mileage of 6390 km will be sold at the Race Retro Classic & Competition Car Sale, which is scheduled for February 21-23.

Lamborghini Countach was created in the 70s and released it for more than 25 years. Despite some shortcomings, such as a cramped interior and poor visibility, the Countach is still considered one of the most outstanding and dynamic cars of its era. The circulation of this model was less than 2000 units.

As for the sample that will be put up for sale, it was built in 1990 and has the right steering wheel; it was ordered by a certain British fan of the Italian brand during the company’s visit to Italy. The car is made in a unique orange hue under the name Arancio Miura.

 The 25th Anniversary is the latest for the Countach, and is considered an evolution of the previous 5000QV, available in the mid-1980s and featuring a new V5 4-cylinder power unit with 455 hp. (500 Nm). This model does not have a wing, because the Italian corporation could not certify it, but offered it to customers as a separate part. The orange Countach, which will be on sale, after a long downtime in 2017, was again put on the move by employees from Colin Clarke Engineering. They replaced the brakes and fuel system; they spent £ 17,600 on this work.

 Currently, the car is in excellent condition. The right arrangement of the steering wheel will frighten away some collectors, but most will not pay attention to this fact, since the fate of such cars is to stand in the garage and create an extra price for further resale.