The house that Aston Martin built

The house that Aston Martin built

September 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The niche of branded housing was strongly chosen by representatives of the fashion industry. Italians are especially active in this market. Gucci, Fendi, Armani and Bulgari produce their own line of interior items, develop clubhouse concepts and build brand-name hotel chains around the world. Against this backdrop, attempts by Bentley and Bugatti to become part of the total living philosophy look a little timid. But here a revolution is coming. It will be headed by Aston Martin, who, together with a major American developer, is building an elite residential complex in Miami and offers wealthy customers a garage space design service.

Representatives of the interior market are confident that the arrival of automakers in real estate is inevitable. In this case, of course, we are talking about the highest budget segment – luxury complexes for one percent of the world’s super-rich people. The names of such objects will increasingly feature brands that are associated with luxury and lifestyle inaccessible to most. For example, it could be the Ferrari Club House, a Bugatti-style boutique hotel, or an exhibition space designed at Centro Stile Lamborghini.

The concept of “living in full style” successfully fits into the segment of luxury cars. True, due to the conservatism inherent in the industry, either very little attention was paid to it, or they completely forgot about such an opportunity to attract new customers and increase the loyalty of old ones. Earlier than others, fashion brands saw through the psychology of consumption – in addition to the main lines of clothing and accessories, they began to produce home goods, brand hotel complexes and develop interior solutions. Playing on the wishes of customers seeking to demonstrate their status and commitment to a certain lifestyle has become fashionable.

In 2013, Bentley took the first steps in this direction and launched the Home line with Club House Italia. Now the company from Crew is working with Luxury Living Group and offers an extensive collection of branded furniture. Headsets are made using the same technologies and the same materials as the salons of Bentley models: leather, veneer, glass, oak and even gold. Later, in 2016, the French Bugatti became a partner of Luxury Living Group.

The Bugatti Home Collection interior line was developed in collaboration with architect Carlo Colombo and industrial designer Toan Nguyen and inspired by the “technological elegance” of hypercars. The choice of materials emphasizes the collection status of furniture: exquisite leathers, mineral sodalite, light gray Striato Olimpico marble with a unique pattern of parallel veins and soft, but heavy-duty technical fabrics. In addition, Bugatti has partnered with Dubai-based development company DAMAC Properties. Their joint project provides for the development of the concept of the ETTORE 971 villa, which is positioned as “the architectural equivalent of the Bugatti corporate design language.”

Ettore Bugatti’s father, Carlo Bugatti, was a famous Italian decorator, designer and manufacturer of Art Nouveau furniture. In 1900, at the World Exhibition in Paris, his work received a silver medal. The legendary Cobra chair, created two years later, was rethought in the 21st century and included in the Bugatti Home collection. Ettore himself also designed contemporary interior items, and one of them is kept in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

But Aston Martin went the farthest in matters of interior design – the British can generally be considered pioneers in the study of new areas of business and the world of luxury. In recent years, the company has shown several impressive non-automotive projects. In 2016, at the yacht exhibition in Monaco, the Aston Martin AM37 boat, built together with the Dutch shipyard Quintessence Yachts, made its debut. The vessel, equipped with a sliding deck and a platform for navigation, is capable of developing 50 knots (93 kilometers per hour). A year later, Aston Martin showed the Project Neptune deep-sea vehicle, and in 2018 – the replacement of a luxury car in the form of the concept of a hybrid multicopter Volante Vision.

At the same time, in the fall of 2017, the British automaker announced the arrival of the real estate market. Interestingly, in fact, the company considers the venture project as part of a long-term business strategy that is important for the “natural development of the brand.” The brand’s first experience in housing branding will be the 66-story Aston Martin Residences premium skyscraper, which is being built by G&G Business Developments, contractor of the Coastal Construction Group, architectural studios Revuelta Architecture and Bodas Mian Anger in Miami. Aston Martin’s chief creative director, Marek Reichmann, and the design team have been tasked with devising a concept and style for public spaces, from decor to interior items.

These spaces are called Sky Amenities. According to project documentation, they will be located on the territory of the shopping and entertainment zone between 52 and 55 floors. It will include a two-level fitness center overlooking the ocean and Biscayne Bay, a boxing gym, a virtual golf course, an art gallery, two cinemas, a multidisciplinary spa, a beauty salon and a hairdresser. The Reichmann team will develop design elements for them: for example, branded door handles and leather hinges for newspapers. In addition, for two lobbies, designers will design unique carbon fiber tables.

In total, Aston Martin Residences will have 391 panoramic glazed condominiums, including seven standard and one duplex penthouse, each with its own pool and a walking terrace. The area of ​​the premises varies from 65.03 to 1765 square meters, and the price is from 600 thousand to 50 million dollarsr. A number of Western publications wrote that the buyer of the most expensive residence in the new complex will get an 831-horsepower Aston Martin Vulcan track for free – there are 24 such cars in total. This is probably the same supercar that is now in the sales center, recently opened near the construction site

It is possible that the owner of the Volcan wants to store his new toy not like everyone else. And even here, Aston has something to offer. In August this year at the Car Week in Monterey, the British announced the launch of another interior project, the idea of ​​which was literally in the air. The company teamed up with leading architects and offered the richest customers the Aston Martin Automotive Galleries and Lairs service – designing garages and unique exhibition venues. The spaces created at Aston are described as “luxurious apartments built around cars designed to demonstrate the beauty of engineering.” Design options are limited only by the customer’s imagination, and for owners of retro-models it’s completely proposed to create an interior corresponding to the desired historical era.

Aston Martin Automotive Galleries and Lairs will be included in the catalog of services of the atelier Q by Aston Martin. Architects for the implementation of customer ideas will be selected “manually” separately for each project – they will take into account the location, as well as the scale of construction. The design team is the same as working on a skyscraper in Miami, the appearance of the first global Aston brand center in Tokyo, and the design of brand dealerships around the world. Prices have not yet been announced, but it is unlikely that a garage with an Aston Martin design will be available to everyone: if the customer has found several million pounds for Valkyrie, then he will pay much more for the premises for his car.

Cooperation in real estate is beneficial to developers, and the automaker, and even buyers. Attracting a well-known brand increases the cost of housing, increases recognition and strengthens consumer identification with the brand. The value of the object is growing over the years, as the offer is limited and is initially positioned as something unique. What’s next? No one will give an exact answer. Perhaps the success of Aston Martin will drive other companies to present their interior projects, and in a few years we will see private residences and apartments with design from famous luxury or even premium brands.